1. What is an Extra?
    An extra is used to provide "background atmosphere" in a scene. It is a non-speaking part although key to the production.

  2. Do you need experience to be an Extra?
    No experience is needed.

  3. How much money can I earn?
    If you are a non-experienced extra, you are classified as Non-Union and currently earn $50 for up to eight hours. You are guaranteed a minimum of $50 even if you work less than eight hours. Everyone earns overtime after eight hours, so the longer you work, the more you earn. Typical shoot days last 10-14 hours per day.

  4. How many hours must I commit?
    We ask that when you confirm to work for us that you have the entire day open, possibly 10-14 hours. We realize that our extras have other commitments such as school or a job so we ask that you carefully schedule these commitments so that they won't conflict with your day on the set.

  5. Is food provided?
    Snacks and beverages are provided for you throughout the day. If you work longer than six hours, a complete hot meal will be provided for you. You are welcome to bring water, juice or soda and any personal favorite snacks but it is not mandatory.

  6. Do I have to wear my own clothing?
    You will always be expected to bring your own clothing unless your character wears a uniform, such as a police officer or nurse. In that case a uniform will be provided for you. Please sure to be accurate with your size information on our Profile Sheet.

  7. Can I bring guests?
    No children, friends, family or pets are permitted with you on the set at any time.

  8. What do I need to bring besides clothing?
    It is always wise to bring a small folding chair with you and clothing and other items (sunscreen ,etc.) pertinent to San Diego's weather.

  9. How often can I check in for available work?
    You can be available as little as once a year or as much as everyday. You can call our office at (858) 974-8970 once a week with your availability.

  10. What should I do if I need to cancel?
    If you need to cancel working for us after you have already confirmed, please let us know immediately by calling our office. Don't just "no-show" as we need to find a replacement for you and the more time we have to do so, the better.



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