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On this page you will find the Extra’s Survival Guide. This Guide will provide you with pertinent information such as set etiquette, wardrobe information and payment of wages.

Extra's Survival Guide


When notified of your call time, take a few moments to familiarize yourself as to the whereabouts of the location and approximate travel time to assure yourself of being on time. If you find yourself lost or delayed in getting to the set, please DO NOT GO HOME! Please contact Background San Diego immediately!

Prepare to bring items such as a small folding chair, something to read, and sunscreen. Be weather sensitive! Perhaps a light jacket or cold weather wear might also be appropriate. It is always better to play it safe and bring a few extra items than be caught without!

Extras generally wear all of their own clothing so wardrobe is an essential part of your assignment. When you are booked for your assignment, you are informed as to the type of "character" you will be playing and Background San Diego will offer suggestions as to the type of wardrobe you should bring with you. You may be asked to be in as many as three scenes so it is mandatory that you bring THREE outfits for each character you are to play.

Because black, white, loud prints, bold stripes, and polka dots do not photograph well, always bring colorful and completely accessorized outfits including shoes, socks, pantyhose, hats, belts, jewelry, etc. and appropriate props including sunglasses, umbrellas, briefcases, etc. that will aid in an accurate portrayal of your character. Suggested colors are blue, green, red, yellow, pinks and purples.

If you are hired as an uniformed Extra such as a police officer or nurse, our wardrobe department will supply you with a uniform.

Are you "Camera Ready"? Please be prepared to be Camera Ready upon arriving to the set. If you have questions regarding any hair, make-up or other "appearance" related questions, please do not hesitate to contact Background San Diego. Be sure to bring make-up and other necessities for touch-ups.


Arrive on the set approximately 15 minutes before your "Call Time". Report immediately to the person who we have instructed you to check-in with. While working as an Extra on the set, this designated person is whom you should direct any questions or concerns with. Generally, this contact person is referred to as the "Extra’s Wrangler" or Assistant Director.

After "checking in" you will be given a payment voucher to fill out. You must be a U.S. Citizen with a social security number, or have the proper credentials to work in the United States. Please bring your social security card along with a valid driver’s license or other picture identification. ALWAYS FILL OUT THE FORMS COMPLETELY AND ACCURATELY. Keep the forms with you until you are released from work.

Once checked in, please stay in the area designated by your contact person and be courteous of your surroundings and of cast and crew members. We ask that you do not approach members of the cast unless instructed to work with them in a particular scene and that you keep a clear path for the crew as these are professional technicians and we do not want to jeopardize anyone’s safety.


Once you have been released for the day, you are allowed to leave the set. If you have worn any clothing supplied by the wardrobe department, they will hold your voucher until all items are returned and accounted for. Please be reminded that the wardrobe department deals with numerous items throughout the day and would appreciate all items be returned in the manner they were assigned, typically on the hanger and buttoned up, etc. Upon their clearance, they will return your voucher so you may checkout with the Extra’s Wrangler or Assistant Director, or other designated person. At this time, please complete your voucher with your "out time" and have the voucher signed. If this is not done, payment cannot be issued.

Be sure to fill out your voucher legibly. Remember, by signing your voucher you are agreeing that all the information is true and correct information.

YOU MUST KEEP THE YELLOW COPY OF THE PAYMENT VOUCHER. If you should have any discrepancies you will need this to refer to. You can expect to receive payment within two weeks from the date of work.

We hope you enjoy your day as an Extra and look forward to casting you in future projects!

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